You will need
  • Concealer for eyes, black or colored pencil, some eyeshadows, a brush to blend.
To fulfill this makeup, you need to know the following simple technique. For a start, the eyes need to prepare for the application of decorative cosmetics. Remove the small capillaries, the dark circles under eyesmi, irregularities and other shortcomings will help the concealer to the eyes or concealer. The concealer must be light and invisible on the skin. Apply a few drops of concealer below the lower and upper eyelid and patting massage movements mask the shortcomings. So eyes will look more fresh and ready to perform basic makeup.
Now with a pencil draw a line along the contour of the eyes top and bottom, starting from the temple and moving to the nose. Clearly try to follow the contour and point the pencil closer to the line of the ciliary zone. Now take a sponge or brush to blend, starting from the nose, blend a clear line of pencil. On the outer corner of the eye make it more wider than on the inside.
For the effect of smoky eyes, use black and gray or colored shadows. On the area of the eyelids (crease) across the line, apply a dark color scheme, and the rest of the eye (fixed lid) will fit a lighter shade. Dilute restorefocus brush now all the makeup is to not have clear boundaries between colors. The area of the lower eyelashes draw a light shadow for a better effect blur.