You will need
  • - sea salt
  • - decoction of chamomile or sage
  • - squirt
  • - mineral oil
  • - cotton pads or cotton wool
In the process of washing from the nose and throat removes the mucus secretion, dust. Rinse the breast the baby 's nose in an upright position when the baby holds her head.For washing the spoutand prepare the solution, which will wash the nose. For this approach the warm boiled water with added sea salt (2 teaspoons per Cup of water). Such a solution helps to quickly relieve swelling and eliminate the infection. You can prepare a decoction of chamomile or sage, eucalyptus, calendula.
The rubber in the syringe enter the prepared solution.
Lift the baby in an upright position and hold over the basin. The baby's mouth should be open so that he drowned from the fluid flowing through the nasopharynx and tongue.
Enter the solution into one nostril. At first, push the syringe very easily. So baby is accustomed to liquid in the nose and only then it is possible to strengthen the jet.
Ensure that the baby's head had not crossed back, and was slightly inclined to the water flow. Repeat the manipulation on the second nostril.
Very small children rinse the nose following method.Put the baby on the back and insert the prepared solution with a pipette. Entering in a small amount of solution, the child swallows. A lot of instilled fluid is impossible, to avoid the danger of getting the solution into the Eustachian tube and did not provoke inflammation of the ears. After washing clean the child's nose with a cotton harness or using a blower to try to blow the remnants of mucus.
Put near the changing table cotton balls or cotton wool, vaseline oil or regular steamed sunflower and a container for used cotton wool, so at the most inopportune moment is not to look for the right thing.
From cotton balls or cotton twist 6 flagella (turundeki) up to a length of 5 cm and a width of 5 mm. Flagella slightly dip into the oil, so they were easier in the nose. Gently screw in the flagellum and neck up to 2 cm deep, and then pull out.