You will need
  • fiberglass tape, perforated aluminum angle, paint drywall, putty knife
Make a frame for the internal angles of the profiles (SS or CD). Connect with screws for metal 9.5 mm long intervals of 20-30 cm Screw side one profile perpendicular to the half of the front side of the other. The result will be a hard corner of two profiles, which insert the ribbon guide profile (PN – UD). Place a corner profile in the level and attach perimeter (PN – UD) on metal screws with a length of 9.5 mm.
Make a frame for the outside corner, putting the profiles next to each other – one on one side of the wall, and the other to the other, fixing them with screws to the perimeter profile (PN – UD). Sufficient rigidity is achieved when the casing plasterboard.
Pick up the sheets of drywall so that the corners are docked with native truncated edges. This required to when you install the mesh on the inner corners and the angleOK on the outside corners of drywall mesh and angleOK is not out of the General plane of the drywall sheets.If the joints of the leaves are cut, then they definitely should be chamfered at an angle of 45 degrees and to a depth of half a sheet or a little less thickness. It is necessary to increase the area of attachment of the plaster with putty at the joints.
Take the fiberglass tape, fold it in half and attach to the inner corner. Take your corner trowel and make sure it is tightly seated in it. This procedure repeat for all interior angles.Take the aluminum perforated angle to create an external corner. With screws attach it from two sides to the drywall. Check the tightness of its fit.
Prepare the putty knife and putty to work on the drywall. Place it in a plastic tub and then using a spatula, apply it on the inner corners and smooth.Apply the putty with a spatula on both sides to the outer corners. Flatten and shape the angle to an acceptable result.
Perform grinding of the inner and outer corners (once the putty is completely dry). To do this, use the sanding block. This procedure perform, wearing anti-dust respirator.