Expand the range of products and discover new markets. In this case you should open a production of goods from adjacent areas only if you stand in the main area. Conduct market research regarding customers ' expectations from your company and the main associations that come from your brand. Try to guide them in the choice of areas in which you want to expand.
Open new sales offices in the city. In the case of large cities where the distance and time spent to overcome it, is crucial, is to think about the decision to open an additional office in a location that is distanced from the first. In this case, you get additional clients, providing them with more convenient access to your goods.
Open branches in other regions of the country. Remember that your reputation, successfully asserted in the same city, serves to support the reputation of the other. At the same time, the opening of the branch must be preceded by deep analysis of market failure in the sales office may have a negative impact on the customers primary point of sale.