Open the pod of the peanut, carefully select the nuts. Put them in a normal flower pot filled with garden soil, half mixed with sand. Just stick the seed in the ground pour it and start to wait. Soon from the land will appear green sprout.
Wait until the plant reaches 10 inches tall and transplant it into a pot with a size of at least 30-40 cm in diameter. Peanuts – subtropical plant, so you need to try to create the most comfortable conditions. Do not allow the soil temperature fell below 18°C, provide the plant a good watering, warm environment and plenty of light.
The peanut plant can reach 30 and even 60 cm in height, in appearance it will resemble a small shrub with a solid, angular stem and leaves per'evidnye. The bright yellow flowers of the peanut are beautiful and have unique flavor, but they live exactly one day, then the flower falls off, and in its place formed a fruit Bud. Long branches from the ovaries of future nuts SAG and fall to the ground. The ovaries can be located in the ground at 5-8 cm Try not to miss this moment, help the nuts to reach the ground, and then lightly pricopie them. Immediately reduce the intensity of watering and be patient. Aging fruit peanut lasts 180-200 days, but even extracted from the earth, they are not ready for consumption. You have to dry them, without removing it from the pod in the oven, at a temperature of 120°C for 20 minutes.