Advantages of modern Windows • Insulation. Due to the presence in the glass of several cameras (quantity to your liking), connected by a special rubber, they are fully sealed. These Windows protect from the cold even in the dead of winter. • Insulation. If you interfere with the noise from the street, just close the window, notice the difference even with one camera. • Toning. Of your choice can be ordered tinting film with different degrees of transparency. This will save you from unwanted sunlight into the room, it is also a perfect protection from fading of color of furniture and Wallpaper. • Mosquito nets. They can be worn throughout the year because they do not allow the passage of debris from the wind and can be put on the "season of mosquitoes and flies." • Design. The plastic window is modern and simple. Design can choose from the offered in the company where going to do the order, and can make an individual sketch. You can order the white model, or color "under the tree"; and, optionally, blinds; the window sill of such width what you want. • Easy to handle and care for. Open and close the flick of the wrist. Wash normal detergents and do not need painting. All of the above advantages are modern plastic, plastic and wooden Euro Windows. Of course, like any other product, Windows have some drawbacks. However, somewhere more, somewhere less, what to choose – to solve only to you. Disadvantages of modern Windows, They can get scratched overwritten, can break the lock, but it is only when careless and rough handling. In compliance with the operating instructions they will last you a very long time. Perhaps the only significant disadvantage of plastic Windows is the fact that they do not "breathe", creating so called greenhouse effect. In winter the open transom will create a huge draft and quickly cool the room, at the closed window in the room occurs with high humidity and with the onset of the heating season, the apartment gets quite stuffy. However, a little bit to solve this problem, order is not a "standard" model, and the model with the classical window. Wooden Windows have environmentally friendly, they are not in the house creates a greenhouse effect, look much more aesthetic, plastic and metal Windows. Plastic and plastic Windows compared to wood are much cheaper. As for the quality of the Windows, then it is necessary to see documentation that must be provided to you upon request. If the seller declares that the Windows are produced according to German, Swedish technology, it must necessarily be reflected in the certificate of conformity of product quality. Primarily, the certificate must be in the form of DIN EN ISO 9001, GOST and RAL, in this case, you can be sure that the quality of the Windows are regularly tested. The master installers must have a license-permission to perform work. Note the profile. It will depend on whether the window is to withstand the temperature extremes of the Russian climate. The profile must be made of galvanized steel, lead free. This is necessary to ensure that the profile over time, not corroded. Recently, some manufacturers began to add to the alloy the calcium and cadmium. Any serious medical studies of the health effects was conducted, so to decide whether the presence of these substances that will have only you. Chosen brand profile check before installing glass, it can be found on the profile at the open casement. Camera inside the glass should be filled with noble or inert gases (argon, krypton, xenon, helium, neon, radon), which improves thermal conductivity and sound insulation. Yourself double glazing is better to take model of triplex - it has several layers of quite durable glass, which will better protect from the cold and the penetration of intruders. To break such glass is very difficult. A great material for wooden Windows is Siberian pine, oak, chestnut and beech. You should not take the "red tree": they look very nice, but its technical characteristics are much inferior to other types of wood. The certificate must indicate that the tree was special treatment from wood bugs and humidity, i.e., impregnated with a special solution. If not, then it is likely that there may wind up a bug, the window will begin to rot and after a while unusable. When choosing locks and handles on the Windows give preference to German and Italian manufacturers, they are of higher quality, less prone to loosening. And another important point: choose a reputable, honest and quality manufacturers carefully study the reviews about the company, about the teams who do the work, because it is no purchase for one year.