It turns out that there are flowers that are called "male" and "female" happiness. It is, accordingly, Anthurium and Spathiphyllum. "Male happiness" Anthurium has many varieties. These flowers do not like direct sunlight, for best growth they need to provide high humidity, the leaves should be frequently sprayed. The reason is that the home of flowers are tropical South America. Anthurium is poisonous, but men who spend too much time in the room with these colors, get a supply of men's strength and happiness in love. Hard arrow-shaped leaves, reaching a length of 30-40 cm and large colorful spike inflorescence is the appearance of this patron of the stronger sex. As for women's happiness, Spathiphyllum same as Anthurium, contributes to its attainment. But for this flower it is necessary to care for, it likes high humidity and periodic change of the earth. The leaves of the Spathiphyllum large and oval, inflorescence has the form of a cob with a blanket. Homeland of the plant is South America. What can women expect by posting this wonderful flower in his apartment? An unmarried girl will meet her Prince. Those who dream of a child – pregnant. Finally, women who married, but did not find happiness, will find. What other flowers should be placed in the apartment to find the family happiness? According to popular belief, the patrons of the hearth, adjusts the relationship between the couple in a lovely way, are China rose (hibiscus); Hoya (wax ivy); African violet (Saintpaulia); aichryson – "tree of love and happiness." Completing the top ten most popular home colors – givers of family happiness calathea, Chlorophytum and Oxalis (oksalis). Being fond of gardening, nevertheless you should not rely on the magical power of miraculous plants. Flowers, of course, can help you to find marital happiness, but don't forget that it's still up to you and the person you dream of this happiness to find.