According to fans of the series, the ending came unexpected. Dr. house upset leaving his fake wife, Dominica, who received a green card, comes to work for Wilson, his friend, the oncologist. House complains about his problem, and Wilson tells him he had cancer.

Wilson is looking for a doctor who would have appointed him the aggressive treatment of his second stage thymoma. It bypasses several oncologists who offer chemotherapy, is able to spare his immune system. However, the patient is determined. Wilson buys the equipment, which will allow him to conduct radio - and chemotherapy alone. House finds out about the decision of a friend and offers his help in conducting the procedure.

Although a third of patients would be made of this combination of treatments, Wilson survives. To know, acted and aggressive treatment can only a week. The oncologist decides to become a selfish reckless driver, buys a red sports car and goes to another state to see the love of his youth. He accompanies the house. On the way Wilson wins competition gluttons, dvuhmillimetrovy eating steak and having sex with two girls, one of whom steals his wallet. After that, the oncologist, ahead of the funeral ceremony, crashes off the road and crashes his car. Friends go to the bus stop, where they meet amnesiac old. The house offers to abandon an older woman and to go by taxi, but Wilson is staying with her, realizing that she had not chosen their roles.

MRI showed that the treatment did not work, and Wilson decides to abandon further attempts. Live it remains five to six months. House takes this news very painful, trying to force the other to change his mind. He hires the actors, who play former patients of Wilson, but the oncologist notices the deception. Foreman is trying to maintain a house, gives that tickets for the game, however, angered the house washes them down the toilet. As a result, the drain clogged and the Cabinet hits the ceiling, causing injury doctors Adams, the PAC and the patient, as well as breaking apparatus for MRI. The house faces a prison sentence that will last longer than the term meted out to Wilson.

The treatment house is the patient is a heroin addict. A brilliant diagnostician in despair, decides to drown out the emotional pain is a heavy drug. Then he wakes up in a burning building. In delirium to him are the dead and the living colleagues, and his ex-wife Stacy, who persuaded him to get out of a burning house. At this time, Wilson and foreman are looking for a missing house. They come to the building and see the silhouette of house in the room on fire. At this point it falls burning beam.

At the funeral house Wilson speaks last. While other colleagues have tried to emphasize the best features of the deceased, the oncologist breaks down and starts to accuse his friend in a bad character. At this time, his cell phone receives an SMS message with the text "Shut up." After the funeral, Wilson goes home and sees sitting on the steps of the house. Diagnostician faked his death, taking a body in the morgue and replacing dental cards. Friends go to spend together the remaining months.