You will need
  • - the receipt;
  • - financial documents confirming the payment.
When making the lease agreement specify in detail the procedure and terms of payment for the rented apartment. The lessee shall strictly comply with the requirements on the procedure for the payment of money as late payment of housing are threatened with eviction in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
The rent you can transfer to the landlord by postal money order to the address indicated or by Bank transfer to the account number. When paying cash do not forget to keep receipts to prove the amount and terms of payment. Financial documents are evidence that the funds for the rent paid in full and on time. This will help to avoid misunderstandings if the owner will call you to claim that you are late or not fully paid for accommodation.
If you transfer money from hand to hand or make advance payments, make a receipt. This document need to issue from the hand in two copies for each party. Fill it on plain paper A-4 format in the presence of witnesses.
The receipt should indicate in detail who is who and what gave the funds, their amount, terms, which made inclusive rents. Put down signatures of the tenant and the landlord, passport details and signatures of witnesses. Receipt along with financial checks will be the document confirming the timely payment of rent in full.
Never give money for the rent from hand to hand without a receipt and witnesses. In the event of any misunderstanding arising between you and the owner of the property, you will not be able to prove the fact of payment for accommodation. Even if your relationship with the owner is built on mutual trust, always better safe than sorry.