Advice 1: How to download movies on computer

With the advent of the Internet almost all the information you can find on the web. Useful Internet and for lovers of videos and music. For them network sites – the main assistants and this is no accident. After all, in order to expand your video library with new instances, you just have to find the right movie and save it to your computer.
How to download movies on computer
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • program µTorrent.
To download a movie from the Internet site simply. Set the search engine of your browser the name of the movie and click "Search". Then select one of the available system resources. If necessary the reviewers can simultaneously open several tabs. Take advantage of this opportunity and see what quality and format the desired film posted on other sites. This information is posted directly under the description of the movie.
Quality and movie format you like? Then press the button "Download". In most cases, the sites are several games from which to download the film. Select the one that you give the greatest preference, and follow the wizard prompts.
As a rule, after the transition to the page sharing are asked to select the how to upload a file: free, waiting, watching ads and a limit of speed, or take advantage of premium access that provides the ability to instantly download, but for a fee. If you are going to download a movie for free, check this item, then do not use the trial period. On the next page enter the characters you see in the pictures, wait for the download link and click on it to start downloading. Then specify the folder in which to save the movie and wait for the download to complete.
Sometimes to get the download link you need to register on the site, and posted the required film. Of course, in this case, you can try to look for this film on other sites, but you can sign up. Moreover, the registration procedure takes only a few minutes. Then be visible to the user all the necessary for download posted files'.
To download movies is also convenient to use a torrent program such as µTorrent. Install the application to your computer, then download the torrent file and open it with µTorrent. Then just need to wait for the download to complete. The convenience of this method of preservation of films is that at any moment you can turn off the computer and then continue pumping from the moment of breakage. Just remember once the movie is fully loaded, to remain for some time in the distribution file.

Advice 2 : How to download movie from torrent

At a low speed Internet connection to download movies best with the help of special programs – torrent client. These applications are great to save heavy files to download which takes a long time, because at any time you can put the download on pause and not to lose previously stored data.
How to download movie from torrent
Convenience torrent trackers is that users transfer their existing PC parts, bits. Every person who uses the torrent trackers, takes and gives other people the available movies, music, games. But do not be afraid: distribution will be made only in the case if users share the downloaded or created torrent file. So for the safety of other available on the computer information can not worry.
However, download movies from Internet, without going into details on the work of torrent-trackers and specially created for their applications, which will need to pre-install on the computer. For this purpose, successfully to fit the next BitTorrent client: BitSpirit, BitComet, µTorrent. The principle of action at them almost identical. You will only need to choose their program. For example, µTorrent.
Before work first download from any site with software, which do you prefer, the application µTorrent or look it up on disks with collections of programs. Following the wizard prompts, install the software on your computer.
Now go to one of the torrent trackers. A lot of them, among the most common -,,,, In the search box enter the name of the film. The page with the desired file you can find using the search engine of your browser, then you only need to choose one of them to jump to the specified address.
Look carefully at the description page of the film: close – side, top or bottom – should be the link button that says "Download" or "Download torrent" link. Click and specify the folder in which to save the file. By default, the files are in the folder "Downloads" or Dowland on the hard disk C.
Then open the destination folder and start a previously saved torrent file, then automatically starts µTorrent. In the window that appears in the special line, specify the folder in which you want to send a downloadable file. At the bottom, click the OK button, thereby triggering the process of downloading the movie. You can also use the Advanced button to specify additional settings and options, but the newcomers still not worth it to make changes to the boot process. All this will be done be the program itself. You just have to wait until the movie is fully downloaded to your computer.
In the process of downloading the file at any time, you can stop the download. For example, when you need to turn off the computer. In this case the saved part of the movie will already be in the destination folder. Later, when you decide to continue with the download, you will only need to open the program µTorrent in the list of torrents to find the movie you need and the appropriate button to start the download process. In µTorrent you can add upload multiple files at once, putting what movies to put first, what second, etc.
Also on some torrent trackers, torrent files can be downloaded in the format of magnetic links or in the form of self-running exe-file. They are automatically sent to your torrent client.
Unlike torrent files to magnetic links do not carry information to the network about you and your computer, which is very useful in open hunt for pirates.
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