From the first minutes of life the newborn encourage your child to day mode. After all, nutritionists, teachers have developed specific routines depending on the age of the baby. The little man feeding, sleep, wakefulness should be correctly distributed.
Feed the child from birth to one month every three hours. Allowed to deviate from this routine, if the baby did not Wake up on time. When the baby demands breast prematurely, endured. Let your child know what to do so as necessary, not as you want.
During wakefulness the child tell stories, sing nursery rhymes. Although the kid still did not know how his brain is able to perceive sounds. Three to four months little man distinguishes between the way my mother's voice. Accordingly, it is able to compare people and objects around him.
Give your baby rattles. Grasping reflex of the child is present from birth. Fingering the handles of his subject, he develops the senses. On the tips of the fingers of a baby are nerve endings that are responsible for human speech. Avoid loud toys as they can frighten the child.
Decorate a kid's room with bright objects. The world the child knows when there is a new interest in things. Try to communicate more with crumbs. Try to make his life joyful. Spend with him entertaining game. If a positive look at the world around us is in a good mood, as well as parents will always be raised. Note that positive emotions improve the immune system, your child will be less sick, and the baby joyful and memorable.
Nature baby is formed from the first days of his life. And over the years the child becomes able to perceive the world from the other side, which showed him his parents. Like a child, but try to protect it from excessive petting, as this prevents him to accept the reality for what it is.