Make sure the SIM card installed in the tablet computer connected unlimited Internet, and in the settings of the camera correct access point (APN). The name should begin with the word internet. If the service is unlimited Internet not included or SIM card in the tablet is missing, connect the device to your home Wi-Fi router. It also should be maintained by the provider for unlimited tariff.
Beware of scams that offer to purchase Instagram, or you can download it version, designed for desktop, laptop or netbook. This program is free, and it works only on smartphones and tablet computers, and not all models. If your tablet has Android OS, check version – it should not be below 2.2 inclusive. Note, also, that the apparatus in which no camera to put this app pointless.
Run the built-in browser of the tablet PC. Use third-party browsers is not desirable. Go to the Instagram app page in Google Play or iTunes Store.
If you are using a tablet, press the "Install" button, and if device iPad click View in iTunes. Starts, respectively, the Google Play application (in older versions of firmware – the Android Market) or iTunes. Then follow the instructions of those programs. If you are prompted to enter your login and password for your account in the app store, enter them.
Start Instagram, then click the Sign up button. Opens the registration dialog. Specify the email address, user name and password. Make last difficult. Start using the app. Be sure to try out the numerous effects that would very likely mimic film photography.