You will need
  • - colored paper of different density
  • - stickers and Stany letters
  • - decorative elements
First you need to choose the format and the idea of future cards. It is worth considering the Hobbies of the birthday boy, his color preferences, it is possible to experiment with the form. The postcard can be traditionally rectangular, and square, round or in the shape of the object. If the birthday boy - man, you can choose the shape of the tie, machine, computer. If the birthday boy or woman card in the shape of a flower, the dresses, the heart will appeal to any lady. For the little ones birthday you can choose a postcard-a cot with applique or a small toy.
Don't be afraid to use unusual decorative items. For creating handmade greeting cards can go to almost any kind of décor, from the velvet paper and stickers to buttons, beads and light toys. For example, from colored paper will make a great birthday cake or fairy tale character, from beads and buttons - flowers, animals or hanging decoration. You can use different types of paper to create origami and three-dimensional applications.
An important element of the postcard can be a photo: a photo of the birthday boy, his friends, memorable events of the previous day of birth, home away from home. The card can be designed as a photo frame or make a collage of persons, objects and decorative elements. Another option for creating original greeting cards with photo services and personalized photo. Graphical editors such services provide ready-made templates for greeting cards, allow you to choose the shape and color of the text, insert photos and drawings.
Envelope - original part for any greeting cards. You can cut it yourself or use a ready-made envelope white: make a drawing on it, attach a bow, a sticker, make a beautiful inscription. The main thing - the desire to surprise the birthday boy!