Whitening in a broad sense, is using one of the methods changes to lighter pigmentation of the tooth enamel. It should be noted immediately that the dental clinic you will be able to write to the whitening procedure at least the adult child, i.e. someone under the age of 18. For girls the minimum age limit is 16. The fact that the tooth cavity in children and adolescents more than adults. And this is an additional risk of overheating of the pulp when exposed to products designed for adults.
Determine the cause of the darkening of the enamel of your child. Often it is caused by features of fetal development. For example, if a woman during pregnancy used antibiotics tetracycline, the teeth of her child with high probability will appear yellow stripes. In this case, to whiten teeth is not only ineffective but also contraindicated because of congenital pigmentation of the teeth is profound.
Another common cause of darkening of teeth is fluorosis. It is a disease that is caused by excessive consumption of fluoride. Sometimes discoloration of the permanent teeth associated with incorrectly chosen tactics of treatment of milk teeth.
Based on the foregoing, hasty steps, it is better not to take. Don't risk your child's health. Better wait until it grows to adulthood. Then the dentist will select the desired method, for example, recommend to use special pads that will mask the unsightly color of tooth enamel.
Although there is another way to whiten the teeth without waiting for its maturity. Is ultrasonic cleaning. Through this procedure, which is absolutely safe even for children, to seek the removal of any organic residues of food and even Tartar. As a result, the tooth enamel can lighten, though slightly.