Open the Windows control panel. To do this, click on the "start" button in the right side menu click on "control Panel".
By default, all items in control panel are displayed by category, which is not very convenient (in this case, does not display all items). To change this, click in the left menu (on Windows XP) "Switch to classic view" or (in Windows 7) in the upper right corner next to "View" select "Small icons". Or go to the category "Performance and maintenance" by opening the shortcut or by choosing the item with the given name in the section "the Transition" menu "View".
Open the System properties window (Windows 7) or "system Properties" (in Windows XP). To do this, locate the appropriate icon and click on it double click, the same "RMB -> Open".
Open the dialog "computer name Changes" (in Windows XP) or "advanced system settings" (in Windows 7). In the window "system Properties" go to tab "computer Name". Click on the "Edit" button (this step is the same for Windows XP and Windows 7).
Print your computer from the domain. Near the controls "Is a member of the" window "to Change the computer name, select workgroup:". Text field the name of the group will become active for editing. In this field, enter a value for WORKGROUP. Save the changes by clicking the OK button. A window will open with text fields for entering the name and password of the user. In this window click on the OK button, then in the following two screens too, click OK.
In order to begin to work outside of a Windows domain, you need to restart the computer: click "start," clicking "check box" on the keyboard. Click on the arrow next to the menu item "shutdown", then click on "Reset" (in Windows 7) or the button "shutdown" (Windows XP).