To do Thai massage would be on the table, and on the mats specially designed for this procedure. The patient lies on the Mat, and the wizard starts click on your desired region. However, he uses the fingers, palms, elbows, wrists, and knees and feet.

During Thai massage the master pays special attention to hands, feet, back, and abdomen, which is responsible for the functioning of the internal organs. The session is not transacted in a specific pattern, but is based on the wishes and needs of each client individually.

Massage therapist during the procedure affects the points at which intersect the invisible lines of energy, thereby it eliminates the cause of any disease and makes the power of the person. Traditional massage does not use creams or oils, are sometimes used extracts of herbs, which should enhance the effect of massage. A session takes two to three hours because of the need to study muscle was really deep.

The master always begins to massage the feet, then moves to the body, and then comes back again. The movement is directed from the feet to the head. Treatment begins with a gentle techniques and gradually becomes more intense. The therapist needs to work out all the body, only in this case the procedure will be really effect.

Benefits of Thai massage

About the merits of Thai massage we can talk a lot. It helps to relieve tension and clips muscles, normalizes the nervous system, restores balance in the body. Also, this procedure helps eliminate toxins – this is due to improved circulation. The right massage can relieve stress, help combat depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Thanks to the study of the spine corrects posture and pinched nerves stop hurting.


Of course, there are certain contraindications. Recommend to refrain from Thai massage during pregnancy, as well as fractures and osteoporosis. Contraindications are cancer, heart problems and high blood pressure. Of course, it is not necessary to enroll in a massage in the presence of a contagious skin disease.