This question is quite natural, since the practice of installation of plastic Windows in wooden buildings has many supporters and opponents. The main problem here lies in the fact that in Russia the construction of a wooden houses has its own characteristics that differ significantly from Western technology. First of all it concerns the technology of dry construction boards and logs. In our country lacks the technical capacity to complete the drying of the logs before construction begins. Therefore, the wooden houses, built of entire logs, in 2-3 years continue to wither, to shrink, to change its shape and can easily damage rigidly mounted in the construction of plastic Windows.
However, the peculiarities of the Russian construction does not mean that in our country to install plastic Windows in the wooden housebut impossible. When it comes to the houseand built on a frame panel technology, no difficulty will arise at all, as buildingthis type are not subject to shrinkage. If the intention is to install plastic Windows in the wooden house, built of logs, solutions can be multiple.
The easiest and most sensible way is to put in the construction of wooden Windows of the old sample. In the temperate climate of the middle band complete drying and shrinkage of the wooden structure is about 5 years. After this period the window can be replaced with plastic without the risk of them damaging.
If the plastic Windows in the wooden house is necessary to establish immediately, we will have to resort to some tricks. First of all when installing the plastic glass, you need to create expansion gap at the top and bottom of the window opening. The size of the gap should be about 10-12 percent of the height of the plastic window. Left space is filled tight, elastic material such as foam or wooden planks which are knocked out as needed.
The second option safe installation of plastic Windows – is the creation of a special okosyachki (the block) window. Okawachi called a rough box of boards. It is inserted into the window opening so as not to interfere with the vertical drawdown of the house, but to block any possibility of displacement of the logs horizontally. These Windows are protected from excessive pressure log. A plastic window inserted in the box, secured with anchor plates. It is important to remember that the glass can not be fixed directly to the beams, to avoid being damaged during their displacement.