Cementing all the panels, you can begin connecting the end sections and horizontal rails. In the front and rear end sections have holes for bolts. At the end of salcianu the ends of the greenhouse, you will need with bolts and fixing angles to connect them with horizontal rails.
Assembly of sections is as follows: first, you need to lay on the ground bottom rails of the frame of your future greenhouse. In this case it is better to lay on thick cardboard or wood. Further, these rails are joined by screw-fastening to the edges (through the brackets).
The next stage of Assembly of the greenhouse is to install horizontal guides on the arc. For fixing the intermediate arcs on the rails of the frame of the greenhouse can be used special steel clamps with a thickness of 2 mm. the Clamps consist of two halves and tightening the bolts with a diameter of about 8 mm. using the same clamps can be adjacent to the gable. Finally having assembled the frame, put it in the ground with metal pins that are inserted into the mounting holes located in the lower horizontal rails.
Now you can go to the cover frame greenhouse polycarbonate. To do this, start laying sheets of cellular polycarbonate greenhouse on top, securing them with roofing screws. These screws along with the bolts included. Finally installed the window.