To get into this very bar "frequently visited pages" you need to click the button "Create tab", or use shortcut keys - press CTRL + T. In the panel have the opportunity to add your desired page. After adding you can go to their frequently visited pages, not just clicking the thumbnails in this panel, but clicking the hot key. For example, to go to the page placed in the second window pane, just press CTRL + 2.
There are a couple possibilities for removing pages from the Windows panel. It may be necessary to change the sequence of pages, or just remove the reference to the resource ceased to be "frequent". First, when you hover your mouse on any window page in this panel, excluding frame around it and there is still a cross in the bottom right corner. Hovering the cursor over the cross will see a tooltip that says "to Remove the item Express. Pressing x will destroy this link.The second option - move the cursor to sentenced to delete the page and right-click the mouse. In the context menu to wrong selection of the desired item - "Remove".
In the mobile version of Opera Mini to edit (including delete) placed in the speed dial of frequently visited pages should hover over any of the toolbar items and press the center button of the joystick. It should be pressed for some time and this will lead to the emergence of the pop-up menu with two options - "Clear" and "edit". To remove a page you need to click the first one.