You will need
  • -the plunger
  • -the cable or hose hard
  • -chemicals
  • -soda and vinegar
When you call a plumber from the housing Department all the problems you pass on to him. So do most people who don't want to burden yourself with additional problems. Problem after sewer cleaning a plumber there is only one – launder all soiled in the process of cleaning.
If you find the formation of congestion in the sewers, and ceased to merge water pipe, use a plunger. It needs to be completely submerged in water. Do some vigorous pumping. If that doesn't work, you will have to fill chemical means to eliminate blockages.
Pour or sprinkle chemical agent in accordance with the instructions in the manual. After a certain period of time fill the pipe with hot water and again pump plunger.
In a situation where the chemicals for cleaning sewer pipes was not on hand can fill the pipe full of 200-300 grams a Cup of baking soda and pour a bottle of 70% vinegar. Starts the reaction of soda with vinegar, which manifests itself in a rapid boil. It usually helps to get rid of fat blockage.
Before use by all means try to remove and clean the siphon. Even that is often enough to water easily began to flow down the pipes.
If everyone is that desperate, use the cleaning by using plumbing wire. You can try cleaning the tight hose, when the lack of cable.
With a strong clog of Sewerage system one of these tools will help for sure.