You will need
  • 1) Rubber gloves to protect your hands
  • 2) Rubber fingers, plastic sheeting or packaging film for food products
  • Then, depending on the method:
  • 3) Special means for washing of crystal products
  • 4) dishwashing detergent
  • 5) Ammonia
  • 6) Linen towel, if you wipe the chandelier
  • 7) Absorbent cloth under the chandelier to collect the water.
On the chandelier accumulate fat droplets and the dust settles. Determine visually the degree of contamination. Next, decide how you will wash the chandelier: take it off and be washed over the bath or be washed without removing.
The first way is time consuming.
Remove the chandelier and that the cartridges do not leak the liquid, cover them with rubber fingers (sold in pharmacies) or plastic bags, wrapping film for food packaging.
The second way – sports.
Clean the chandelierwithout removing it. To do this, be sure to turn off the electricity in the apartment through the visor to avoid being electrocuted. Also Unscrew the light bulb and protect the cartridges, as in the previous case. To on the floor was not water, something lay under the chandelier.
Select the wash depending on the availability of equipment (you took it or not), the degree of contamination from material from which made the chandelier, and the desired effect.
To date, the easiest way to wash a chandelier, including crystal is to use a special spray for cleaning crystal, which is not necessary to rinse. Simply apply the aerosol to the whole of the chandelier and let her drain, and the chandelier to dry. If the contamination is strong, you can repeat the procedure. This method will cost more than others, but you will save time and effort. The method is very good if you clean the chandelierwithout removing.
A very common method is to wash chandelier with detergent or water with dishwashing detergent. They can be sprayed from a spray. Then rinse with clean water or also use the spray and let the water drain out. Sometime after that, a chandelier rubbed to achieve a greater Shine.
To crystal and glass gleamed, use folk prescription. Wash chandelier with water with addition of ammonia at a ratio of 1 tablespoon ammonia to 1 liter of water.
To connect the chandelier to the power supply only after the complete drying of water and screwing light bulbs.