Up to 30 weeks racesthe position of the child in the womb means absolutely nothing. The baby may roll more than once, and only in the later stages can be more or less to say about his position.
The doctor is the easiest way to determine the position of the fetus by using ultrasound. After the abdominal wall, the doctor will be able with certainty to say exactly how settled baby.
During manual inspection, he will look for a large protruding parts. This may be as the head and priest. The first is much denser to the touch, in addition, it will speak more clearly.
But the attentive mother and herself without the help of a physicians will be able to recognize how exactly is her child. Some rely on them, but these feelings can be very subjective. Babies in the womb hiccup the whole body, therefore, the location of the hiccups does not mean anything.
But the perturbation can be a good hint. The legs of the baby is much stronger than the arms, so kicking it is quite noticeable. Sometimes, the expectant mother complains that the baby literally dancing on her bladder, and as soon as pinkie moved to the stomach or liver, then the fetus is turned head down.
But strong aftershocks in the upper part of the stomach can occur at the transverse position of the fetus. However, by the end of pregnancy, the size of the baby, lying down, allow you to grope at the sides of his ass and head.
Do not panic if you think your child is settled wrong. Cases are known when children were spinning and turning in the midst of contractions. But share your concerns with your doctor, he will either deny them, or will offer you specific exercises in which the baby is correct position.