To start, determine the range of interests of your colleagues. Because the women's team of managers is unlikely to be thrilled with the "military" party, where you have to March and to pass the obstacle, while the male part will remain from the event happy.
If you decided to go out of town, grab balls, skipping ropes and various attributes for the fun run. By the way, is not necessary to arrange a banal sack or picking up of pins. Think of your contests, special attributes and names specific to your company. For example, cooks can run with a plate on his head, and sellers of office supplies – folder or try to transfer water from one vessel to another with the help of paper envelopes. Oh, and don't forget about campfire songs. If you want to spend the day with benefit, go to the local attractions.
New year's corporate. Naturally, in this day, everyone will wait for Santa Claus and the snow maiden. And scenarios of their occurrence in the Internet and books abound. However, the action will have to be adapted to the profile of your organization: if you have a construction firm will probably be boring to watch characters talk about beauty. Make unusual characters: Santa Claus, let it be from Africa, and a maiden dancing Oriental dance. It all depends on the freedom of the company and team spirit. Oh, and don't forget comic competitions that will help to help Santa Claus to get to you – quizzes, Raffles and songs.
If the office party takes place in a cafe, surely you will be bored sitting at the table and talk about normal things, divided into small groups. Your goal is to join the team. Guide comic game-competition. All stand in a circle, turn on music, and the presenter admits two bottles of wine – clockwise and counterclockwise. When the music ends abruptly, those who have at this point, the bottles are in hand, pour yourself a little, and introduced himself, clink and drink. The game not only United, but also allows newcomers in a relaxed form to be submitted to all the staff.
If you have a festive evening dedicated to the anniversary of the organization, invite those who stood at the origins of the company, give them a word of congratulations, presented Souvenirs with symbols of your organization. Can specially for this day to come up with the anthem of your company (if it is not, of course), give away all the words on pieces of paper and sing. If the team is small, you can give everyone a memorable diplomas in different comic nominations that reflect the character of the man and his contribution to the cause. And then – to play, dance and have fun.