First, let's remember that the volume and softness of the lips meets the circulation. So the stimulation of blood flow will help you become the owner of a wonderfully attractive lips. How can you stimulate the blood circulation? First, you shouldn't avoid exfoliation. During exfoliation the skin effectively updated, is preparing for active adoption of various nutrients. An excellent natural scrub for the hood is an ordinary candied honey - just take a DAB of honey and apply it on the lips, gently massaging, and then leave for a few minutes. Lips will get a great serving of various nutrients and become surprisingly smooth.
Also you can practice and massage with a normal soft tooth brush, which can be applied to drop fat or nourishing cream - lips will instantly become bright and visibly more plump. Of course, don't overdo this, massage should not last longer than 30 seconds, and brush in any case should not be hard. Give preference to hypoallergenic nourishing creams, for example, rich kids. After this procedure, is to blot the lips with tissue and apply a protective lip balm. Another advantage of this massage - the lip contour is very clear.
You should pay attention to care for the lips containing menthol. This is one of the safest and most effective ways to increase lip volume. The fact that menthol increases the blood flow to the lips, they become much more voluminous and puffy. There is a lot of glitter and hygienic lipsticks with menthol essential oil, and you can easily choose something for yourself. After application, usually there is a mild burning sensation or tingling - you should not be afraid, this is absolutely a normal response to vasodilation.
A little more voluminous and bright can make your lips and pitatelnaya masks of various oils. For example, almond and olive. You can also use apricot or persikovoe - these oils should be applied in a slightly heated condition, with the addition of any additional components. For example, great vitamin E or jojoba oil. Apply the warm mixture on the lips, massaging pressed with a cotton swab dipped in hot water, and your lips will look fuller.