You will need
  • To do this you need the knowledge of the basics of programming.
Decide which will be devoted to the program that you're going to write, what problems it will solve. It depends entirely on your imagination and taste preferences. And perhaps you are faced with the fact that to solve your problem you can not find the Internet easy to use program, and so I decided to write my own. The main thing at this stage to accurately represent what audience it will be calculated.
Decide what operating system it will work. Among our countrymen, the most popular is the Windows operating system. So if you will write your program for our audience, then it is best to stop the choice on it.
Select tools programming. To create applications under Windows the most widely used programming languages: MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder. These languages allow you to compile the program on the principle of children's designer – of the finished pieces you assemble a single unit.
Find your flavor, what will be different is your program from other programs of this direction.
Develop a program interface. If this is your first application will focus on the standard Windows interface. Use the form designer and object inspector. They will help you not only understand what the interface of your program at the stage of programming and set properties of objects, which greatly simplify the whole process.
Arrange your ideas in the algorithm. If your program is sufficiently serious and has its own file type – register it for the program. Registration can be performed by a special file-the installer must have the ability to call the full file name.
Write to the help file. You can use the special compiler. The compiler comes with any visual programming environment (Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++) hc.exe.
Create the software distribution. The distribution is a zipped copy of your program with additional features. During the unzipping, the user specifies the folder where the program will be installed may installation type etc. For distribution traditionally attached file readme.txt where there is information about the name and version of the program, its date of issue, brief description. The program is written