You will need
  • Delenki irises, humus, superphosphate, wood ash.
The best time to plant iris is late July – early August. To take root in the ground before the cold weather, plants need about six weeks. If you do not have time to plant irises at this time, you can do so until the first decade of September. In this case, the landing need to cover with foil, until frozen.
Iris is undemanding to growing conditions, but the soil before planting to prepare. Dig the ground with a bayonet spade, making humus, superphosphate and wood ash. Because iris likes a neutral soil, you can add dolomite flour, if the reaction is acidic. Seal the fertilizer at 10-12 cm, pour water. After a week the soil is ready: you can start planting.
Planting material should be carefully selected. Good Zelenka contains developed fan leaves, cut rhizome, which are clearly visible buds. Not recommended to plant plants with damaged Central fan, as well as too little delenki. If you want to transplant irises, do it after they Bud. Not otkapivat Bush completely, separate it from the mother plant pieces of rhizome. The leaves are cut, leaving the fan 5-10 cm.
Before planting iris delanco must be disinfected. To do this, immerse it for 15 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and dried.
Iris light and does not like deep planting, the rhizome so it can not be sunk: it should be at the level of the soil. The distance between plants should be less than 20 cm is Better if the plant's leaves will look to the North, as it contributes to additional heating of the rhizome. If Zelenka big – you can tie it to the peg. After planting, thoroughly water the soil to the ground tightly to the roots of plants. In some days pour again.
In winter the landing of the first year is recommended to cover it with leaves or spruce branches. If iris caught well, then you can't hide. However, some varieties, came from the South, winter-only shelter.