Advice 1: How to untangle hair

Damaged structure, the effects of coloring or perming hair greatly complicate the process of combing. It is particularly difficult to untangle the hair, which is tangled in a round brush. But as you know, there are no hopeless situations, and even much of the intricate strands can be untangled without the use of scissors.
How to untangle hair
If you hair is tangled after sleeping, apply a small amount of balm conditioner or hair cream. Means very little is needed, otherwise the hair will become greasy and weighted. Take a wide-toothed comb and comb strand by strand. If hair is very tangled, start combing small sections of hair, starting from the tips. Time on brushing depends on the length of hair and matting.
If you've lost hair in the comb during styling, then take a usual shampoo or vegetable oil and water they tangled strand. Then with gentle circular movements, begin to rotate the comb, the hair needs to be free.
If you did not work – dry strand with a Hairdryer. Dry hair easier to comb. If you have a comb for parting the hair, take it, if not, use a regular with a few teeth. Start to separate the second comb thin strands with a round brush. The process is laborious and requires perseverance, but saved hair are worth the effort.
In order to avoid tangling of hair use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Make regular masks and try less drying hair with Hairdryer. So they become healthy and strong, and hence tangling they will not face.

Advice 2: What to do if the hair is sparse and thin

Constant interference in the form of a hair dryer, varnishes and gels for hair, procedures for Perm or dye thinner even the most resistant beautiful hair, making it limp. But don't despair, because this problem can be fought, although the recovery period can take as much time.
What to do if the hair is sparse and thin

Proper care at home

The first thing to do is choose the most suitable for hair type this shampoo and conditioner. In no case do not buy tools "2 in 1" because, as a rule, the desired effect they bring, in spite of the advertising promises. Before washing, need to do a little head massage to improve the circulation process.

The basic rule is to wash your hair with a cool water, quite a little storm in a teacup and gently spread it over the entire length of hair. Wipe it on freshly washed hair is not recommended, better to gently squeeze them with a towel and leave to dry naturally. But if all the same without the intervention of a hair dryer is not enough, we must try as much as possible to influence hair with hot air, for example, holding the device at the maximum possible distance from the head. Do not comb wet hair – so you can bring irreparable damage to the hair follicle.

The wizard

Of course, to give rare and thin hair a healthy radiant look at home is extremely difficult, and that's exactly the case when without the help of professionals can not do. Today there are a number of procedures that will give thin hair the necessary volume and Shine. First, it is cosmetic and therapeutic mask. Second, modern services, among which the palm belongs to lamination. This procedure will help significantly to strengthen the hair, nourish their therapeutic and moisturizing substances. And finally, the third method of recovery, according to the hairdressers, is a gentle chemistry, which gives the hair volume.

Traditional medicine

To overcome the problem will also help and folk remedies, popular since the days of his youth, of your mothers and grandmothers. Different herbal infusions, masks from natural ingredients and oil wraps are good for hair growth, giving it the necessary Shine and fluffiness. The most effective is the mask with pepper, in which:

- 2 egg yolks;
- 60 g of crushed aloe leaf;
- 30 g of calendula oil;
- 30 g of tincture of bitter pepper;
- 3 capsules vitamin complex "Aevit".

All the above mix and apply on roots of hair and then with a comb gently to distribute throughout the length of the strands. Keep warm about 10-25 minutes. You should try the resulting solution on hand to avoid allergic reactions. It's enough to put a little weight on the wrist or elbow and wait 10-15 minutes. If during this time there will be no signs of redness or rash – feel free to use the mask to treat damaged hair.
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