If you hair is tangled after sleeping, apply a small amount of balm conditioner or hair cream. Means very little is needed, otherwise the hair will become greasy and weighted. Take a wide-toothed comb and comb strand by strand. If hair is very tangled, start combing small sections of hair, starting from the tips. Time on brushing depends on the length of hair and matting.
If you've lost hair in the comb during styling, then take a usual shampoo or vegetable oil and water they tangled strand. Then with gentle circular movements, begin to rotate the comb, the hair needs to be free.
If you did not work – dry strand with a Hairdryer. Dry hair easier to comb. If you have a comb for parting the hair, take it, if not, use a regular with a few teeth. Start to separate the second comb thin strands with a round brush. The process is laborious and requires perseverance, but saved hair are worth the effort.
In order to avoid tangling of hair use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Make regular masks and try less drying hair with Hairdryer. So they become healthy and strong, and hence tangling they will not face.