You need to use boiling water. But if the pipe is of a small section, and the ice accumulated in 20 meters from the exit of the pipe, manually this idea will not work. In this case you will need to carry out some actions.
Find hard plastic tube (not hose) with an outer diameter that is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the crane, which is out of you area of the pipe.
To get stolitrovyh barrel and pump. Through the funnel to serve boiling water – not an option. If you do not know how to mechanize this process, you can spend a lot of time.
To fill a barrel of 100 liters of boiling water, and continuously heated.
Now you can start getting rid of the ice in the pipe. Shove it in the pipe, which will flow hot water. Then turn on the pump, which will pump the hot water into the pipe. After a few seconds you probably will be able to push the pipe with boiling water a little further. Although the ice you still Balk.
In this case, you need to put under the tap the bucket to get a few cycles on your pump you could dial it in a bucket of clean hot water, poured back and pour it in the barrel. That is, your next steps are as follows: you plug in a bucket and wait until it is filled. Then you turn off the pump, pour water from a bucket into the barrel, put a bucket under the faucet and turn on again the pump. Do not forget to periodically advance the tube with boiling water forward until it stops.
Be prepared for the fact that of the pipe with a head rush water once you break through the ice plug. In this case, you should quickly pull the tube and close the tap.