Pick up white and Burgundy colors to paint roses. Rose may be a different color depending on the color scheme that you want to. The combination of white and maroon is considered the most classic option.
Pour the paint onto the palette. With a brush blend them to obtain a neutral color.
Brush arc on the nail. Then add another arc, but in the other direction. From the bottom to make the third curved line. Green paint, draw a stem and leaf.
Try this option of drawing roses on nail. Select the color you want. Fine brush in the center of the nail draw a little twirl – it will be a future core of rose, inner petals.
Deviate slightly from the core and draw a small arc – it will be another petal. Moving in a circle, draw these arcs of different sizes, layering them on each other as superimposed on each other with real rose petals. Green paint, draw a stem and leaves.
There is another method of drawing roses on nail. Nail cover pink glittery powder. Pick acrylic paint of desired color – purple and white.
Put on the palette two drops of paint in both colors. Make sure that the paint was quite thick and did not spread, otherwise the pattern will not work. Dial on the brush to paint both colors, try to make a smear on the palette – it is supposed to be dual to color went from purple to white.
Now one solid movement draw on the nail the first row of rose petals – three connected arcs, curved upwards.
After that, rinse the brush in water, dry type paint and draw by the same method round the core of a rose.
Add the same technology as the side lobes. After each step, rinse the brush. A fine brush put a few dots of white paint to give the picture of elegance and tenderness. The line "smile" of the nail is also better to make points. If necessary, complete the drawing with a green stem and leaves.