Use the old-fashioned way. Make a poster with their congratulations. Besides good wishes to all the staff of the clinic or hospital you can write your personal greetings. For this cut from magazines of people and stick to them photos of the heads of staff and add a funny caption. In this case, would be appropriate various jokes and jokes about doctors and the medical staff.
Throw a humorous competition for health professionals. Competitions may include competitions for speed, for example, put 10 shots to large dolls, and games of the type "City", but with the names of the diseases. All health care workers can be divided into two groups and hold competitions between them. After the end of the competitions need to say greetings and give gifts.
Arrange a theatrical performance, the characters of which each of the employees of the medical institution will be able to learn themselves. As a script you can use any episode from TV series about doctors, for example, "Ambulance", "Dr. house" or "Clinic". Moreover, they have a lot of bright and very living characters. Most importantly, keep a sense of proportion, coming up with jokes, and try not to offend anyone.
Since the day of medical worker is celebrated in summer, arrange a celebration on nature. You can go on a short boat trip on the river or out of town. Depending on the chosen program of entertainment, health workers can come out to congratulate the forest monster or water. Of course, experienced staff are to cure a fairy-tale character, or at least a diagnosis before greetings are uttered.