You will need
  • Cement, sand, water, plasticizer level, guiding beacons for screed, trowel
Remove floor old coating and screed. Floor clean and degrease it.
Using hidrorema measure the degree of elevation of the floor in the room. From the highest point put the distance at which, in your opinion, will subsequently be the surface of the screed. It is advisable to make a screed with a thickness less than a centimeter. The perimeter of the room draw this "zero level".
Install on the floor beacons (special guides). They will help you to navigate the alignment of the thickness of the screed. Using a level, align the height of all lighthouses and secure them to the floor using the same mortar that you will use for ties. Calculate the distance between beacons so that you were convenient to distribute the mixture to the screed between them.
Until the mixture with beacons dries, prepare the solution to work. You can use ready mix or cement and sand in the proportions 1:3. Pour in a container of water and stir mixing technology with a drill until a smooth thick cream. After 5 minutes again for a couple of minutes stir the solution.
Pour the first portion of the screed mixture to the wall and trowel to "stretch" it to the lighthouse, smoothing the surface. Complete solution gradually the entire surface of the floor. Knead the solution is to use it immediately after cooking to make this job easier with a helper.
The screed must dry for three to four weeks. So it is not cracked, periodically moisten it with water.