The easiest and most common way of braiding is a braid of three strands. Gently comb the hair necesite them back and divide them into three equal strands. The third strand place in the center, having left on the second strand, and then between the third and the second lock position the first strand, having it right.
Continue twisting the strands by the described schemeuntil the braid reaches the desired length. Leave a small tail and tie it with elastic band or barrette.
More complex braid is obtained when braiding four strands. To do this, divide the hair on the back of the head into four parts. Put the first strand the second, third strand – the first and the fourth. Then the second strand place on the third, and the fourth to the second, and the first one under the second. Then place the third on the fourth strand of the first to the third, and the second into the third. Braid braid under the scheme to the end.
You can also try to weave a braid of the five strands of the weave pattern is the same as in the above-described method of weaving four strands, but the hair should be divided into five parts. Weaving starts with the fifth strand is at the extreme right.
To weave a complex braid of six strands, divide the hair into the nape of the neck into six pieces and braid the braid in several stages.
The first strand is put into second and then first strand is put into the third, and again the first place on the fourth. Then continue twisting the first strand by placing it under the fifth strand and sixth strand and then place it under the first.
In the second phase of weaving, start twisting the second strand – put her first to the third strand, then under the fourth, then fifth, then sixth, and finish the first strand placed under the second. In the third stage, repeat the same with the third strand and finish with a room of the second strands into the third.
Impressive and elegant looks plait "Kolosok." To weave it, highlight a small section of hair between the crown and nape, and weave braid, and then comb the strands to the right and paddlelite them to "spike". Then paddlelite the left strand. Connect the two side braids with a Central oblique and duplicite to the end. Twist small strands on the right and left into the net.
To create a three-dimensional braid of thin and liquid hair using the artificial hair of your color. To do this, comb your hair and begin to weave the braid, and then from the second row of weaving, start to weave artificial hair, adding them one at a time.