If chrysanthemum is already sitting in the pot, then transplanting in the open ground will allow it to take its natural size and shape. Preparing to transplant chrysanthemums should start with its flowering. After flowering, the chrysanthemums should be cut all shoots longer than 10 cm and leaving only short stalks. A pot plant in the winter should be removed to a cool room with a temperature 2- + 4oC.
With the arrival of spring starts the growth of new shoots and stand it in a warm room. Compliance with alternating temperatures for chrysanthemum otherwise it will not flower. This is the optimal time to transplant the Bush in fresh soil in a pot or flower bed, as well as for rooting of shoots. To root the flowers from the bouquet cuttings, which have rooted in water should be cut off the top, leaving 10 cm and put in a pot.
Transplant the young plants should be every year in the spring, more adults every two years, during transplant shrubs seem to share. Fresh soil for the main hive should not be acidic, the rest of the chrysanthemum is not particularly demanding on the soil. Add in regular garden soil a little sand and humus. During transplanting, the tops of the young shoots pinch, and woody – cut that Bush was more branched and smooth.
Before watering, a clod of earth should be wet, remove all dead branches and roots. On the bottom of the pot, pour drainage, to insert the Bush in the center and on all sides sprinkle the new earth. Not to transplant a chrysanthemum in a pot of larger size, split the hive and put the back part of the Bush, of course, a sprinkling of fresh earth. After you pour the bushes and keep the soil moist, because the chrysanthemum loves the water.