In the customs legislation of the Russian Federation there is such concept as "customs tariff". This is a special list of customs rates prescribed by law for the importation or exportation of goods from the territory of the Russian Federation. Such "lists" has the most customs services around the world. The duty paid under the customs tariff is a prerequisite for the cross – border movement of goods, permitted to turnover in the Civil code of the Russian Federation. There are two kinds of duties of import and export customs duties. There are also transit fees, but they are in the current economic turnover is almost not involved – the legislation of our country has also established a zero transit fees.
Customs code of Russia provides for several methods of payment of customs duty. To pay the fee can money, Bank guarantees, sureties or by Deposit of property. Nobody can force you to choose a certain method of payment, it is done solely at your discretion.
The terms of payment of customs duties envisaged by the Customs code of the customs Union. It is possible to change them due to their difficult financial situation – the government can provide you installments or to completely defer the payment.
According to the code, customs duties of natural and legal persons shall recover the customs authority, which subsequently allowed the import or export of goods according to the established procedure of customs transit. To pay customs you can at any branch of Sberbank of the Russian Federation. There you will find typical samples of filling of forms of payment of duty. Completed forms can be paid at any Bank window, where they take such fees, or if you want to save time – using a specified terminal.