Licorice root is an excellent remedy to combat dry and wet cough. In the first case it promotes the formation of phlegm, and the second causes coughing. In addition to this effect, this syrup has a rich microelement base, which is well absorbed, and this helps to further support the body of a sick child.
The treatment with licorice root compulsory condition is the consumption of large amounts of fluid. Let your child drink as much as possible. The syrup will cause sliseobrazutee, and if the body fluid is enough, the mucus will become thick and may cause difficulty breathing.
Child under 2 years give syrup of licorice root 3 times a day. For this small amount of water – 50-100 ml - dilute 2 drops of the drug. The amount of water depends on the age of the baby. For infants, dilute the drug in a smaller amount of water and the overall water balance fill clean from drugs liquid. Child over 1 year, let the syrup in a more diluted form.
For a baby older than 2 years old, dilute 10 drops of the syrup in half a glass of water. Let's take a medication three times a day. Be sure to check that the baby drank to the end.
Child from 6 years old the dose of the syrup in a glass of water increase to 40-50 drops. The daily number of methods are all the same – 3 times.
The course of treatment syrup of licorice root is not more than 10 days.
Dilute the medicine only in warm boiled water. In any case, do not include this drug in tea or other hot beverage. Under the influence of the temperature of the qualitative composition of the syrup is considerably reduced.
With the correct use of syrup of licorice root can quickly cure your child's cough at different stages of the disease. Just remember on how to give this medicine to your child, and do not change the scheme at its discretion.