You will need
  • - comb;
  • invisible;
  • stud;
  • - gum;
  • spray styling;
  • - hairspray.
Dressing in sporty style will suit the fun styling of braids of different sizes. Separate the main mass of hair, leaving two strands are not too wide at the face. The separated strands and secure with a clip. The rest of the hair comb to Shine and gently gather them up into a high ponytail on the side, securing it with a soft narrow elastic. Of the remaining free strands braid two thin braids. Route them in parallel across the forehead and connect with the tail under the base ends of the braids. Slay them by stealth, and the tail braid into a thick braid.
Ideal for office – simply a bunch of KOs. This hairstyle is done in 10 minutes and looks neat all day. And if you want to transform it in the evening, just decorate the site with decorative hairpins with rhinestones or pearls.
Comb the hair to Shine, a sprinkle of spray for styling. Gather strands into a low ponytail at the neck and secure with a thin elastic band. Braid them into a braid, the end tie another rubber band. Take a braid in the middle and loop it to one side. The top part will begin to meet in the form of a loop. Turn it left, lay at the base, tied with a rubber band, and secure with Bobby pins. Similarly form the right part of the beam. The end of the braid tuck under the loop and pin with a hairpin. Spray hair sheen for your hair.
For the evening try a braid Dutch braided around the head. Divide the hair into side parting, treat them with fixing spray. Take a small section from the parting, divide it into three parts and begin to weave a thin braid. Every add weave to her hair, taken from the main mass of hair. "Dutch" may lie low and loose or high trail, Recalling a neat basket. After finishing the braid, tuck the ends of your hair and secure with Bobby pins. Treat hair varnish moderate fixation.