Advice 1: How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands

No toilet in the country is not enough. It is a fact. Despite its apparent simplicity, the construction of toilets must comply with very important conditions.
How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands
The location of the toilet.
Because the toilet is a potential source of infection and unpleasant odor, the distance from dwellings should be at least 15 meters. Also take into account the distance to water source – not less than 25 metres.
How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands
The size of the sump depends on the size of family that this country is visited. For a family of four people will be enough pits two-meter depth and 1,5x1,8 meters in width and length. Its walls must lay bricks or concrete rings, so that fecal matter does not penetrate into the soil. Brickwork doing in a half-brick, covering her completely and the bottom wall. On the bottom of the brick should be stacked on edge. After masonry, brick, plastered.
How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands
The body of the toilet.
The base of the case must necessarily be a tree. The walls and doors you can upholster lining. The roof can be covered with tile or slate. The most common form of suburban toilet is a birdhouse. This modification involves the installation of a roof with a backward slope. Square box toilet, as a rule, the more area of the pit. Put a toilet with an offset of half a diameter. In the end, the pit should remain half behind the toilet.
How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands
At the bottom of the toilet designs build a box upside-down. It will be the platform. Its size should be intermediate between the sizes of the pits and the body of the toilet. Top drawer cut out hole, attach the seat cover. The rear wall is nailed to the back wall of the toilet. It is desirable to equip the toilet with ventilation, and also allow for cleaning of the pit and composting of waste.
How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands
In the space above the door makes the window, to light inside. For greater convenience, inside conduct electrical lighting, installing switch outside under a canopy to protect from rain. The body of the switch and any wiring must be carefully insulated.
How to build a toilet at dacha with his hands

Advice 2: How to build a toilet with their hands

At the cottage or in the yard of a private house, toilet on the street just need. Spending a small amount of effort, time and building materials, you can easily build it yourself. From wells and drinking water wells toilet should be located at a distance of 30-50 meters. Take into account the depth of the groundwater table. If they are above 2.5 feet, the toiletand the need to equip the container and as filling to remove. When the depth of groundwater below 2.5 meters, you can dig a cesspool.
How to build a toilet with their hands
You will need
  • -carpentry tools
  • -TES
  • beams or posts
  • -material for roof cover (iron, slate, roofing material)
  • -material for covering the sump
  • -nails or screws
Dig a cesspool. To dig it by hand or tractor bucket. The pit must be deep enough so that the toilet has served one year.
If you have soil prone to obsypayu, the bottom of the sump and the sides need to cement. To do the formwork and pour cement mortar. Possible side to straight sheathing or slate boards.
Above the cesspool put reliable coverage. It can be made of timber, thick logs or iron pipes.
Make a frame for the toilet. For this kopite wooden poles, pre to isolate them from the ground. The height and width with the length make according to your desire. The rear part of the make posts shorter than the front. To with the roof dripping rain water.
Bottom frame nail boards. Installing a toilet on the floor he needs to heel so that he stood firmly and steadily.
Panel frame with boards. TES is better to take with grooves to avoid cracks. If you take the planks without grooves, the panel joints of boards in addition.
Sheathing the roof, let's get TES back and forth. In order to have a visor, and behind the rain water flowed away from the toilet. Cover the roof with roofing felt, slate or iron.
Lay the floor. It needs to be a hole. The size of the hole cut out at your discretion.
Hang the door. Fasten it to the handle. All toilet ready.
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