You will need
  • - the agreement with the Bank.
  • - the documents confirming inability to pay;
  • - plan for solving the problem.
If you already assume that you may have financial difficulties, please contact the Bank in advance with a request to renegotiate the terms of the contract. Ordinary managers can immediately say that the Bank is unable to make concessions, and you must solve their problems themselves. In this case you need to get a meeting with the leadership of the financial organization. Develop and provide to the Manager your plan for your future actions to remedy this situation.
If the crisis has come suddenly, write a letter to the Bank stating that you have no opportunity to make further payments on the existing loan. Ask the Bank restructured the debt, that is, changed payment schedule. In this case, you will need to provide all the documents proving your inability to make timely repayment of a debt on a credit card. This may be the service record with record about dismissal or a certificate from the employment centre that you are unemployed. If you have reduced wages for any reason, you can provide proof of income from work. Please note that all documents will be thoroughly checked.
At the time of solving their financial problems and search the main work, find a part time job that will give you the opportunity to make at least some payments to the Bank that you are not considered delinquent. Since the complete failure to make the payments if the debt amount is 250 000 rubles and more, in the event of litigation it may be considered fraud.
If you are unable to find a compromise with the Bank, ask for financial help from friends or relatives. Close friends will always support in a difficult situation and hardly will demand from you overpayment interest for failure to pay off debts.