When choosing plants for decoration flower beds be sure to consider the local climate. Burachok, pretty, godetia, stock-rose, Foxglove, delphinium, Erica – absolutely not afraid of the cold. But plants such as violet, fuchsia, pelargonium, zinnia, snapdragons, Datura, palm and Canna, love the heat.
If you decide to create on your site colorful flower flowerbed, plants planted in strips, alternating the plants in bright colors with plants that have more subtle shades.
In the center of the bed, place the taller plants. To the edges of the flower garden, their height should gradually decrease. The original decision to put in the bed center a small shrub or tree. If the bed is adjacent to the country house, the tallest plants place around its walls.
Pick plants for the decoration of flower beds at the cottage the time of their flowering. Decide what you prefer: to have your entire flower bed bloomed at the same time, or, that it pleased you with its beauty the whole season.
In the design of carpet flower beds, the flowers which grow at the same time and resemble a kind of carpet, for best results, plants should be planted as close as possible to each other. Flower beds of this type looks spectacular on the hills and slopes.
Making the edges of the flower beds are no less interesting than the creation of the flower garden. First dig around floral arrangements shallow groove. Then fill it with sand, gravel or broken tiles.
Border enhances the beauty of flowerbeds, makes it complete and gives the flowers to grow beyond it. Very interesting look decorative border of the flower bed that represents the bricks, dug so that their right angles form a scalloped frame. As the fences you can also use wooden churbachki the desired size is dug right next to each other, or a small fence, made of willow branches.