Listen to yourself. Watch your thoughts. If you formulate your desire: "I want this car (coat, an apartment, a job), but no, I will not be able to buy it, because I make no money (no money, I can't, I'm not worthy)". Of course, with that attitude you will never become rich and never achieve what you want – you haven't had something to wish for, immediately cut off his wings and his thoughts have deprived yourself of the desired goal.
Try to use to attract wealth affirmations – positive judgments are expressed in categorical form, replacing negative emotions with positive. They allow you to think positive and to program yourself to certain a successful installation.
Common words that thoughts are material, it has long been proven not practice. Remember, if you are afraid of something specific, with you, of course, happens. Positive, optimistic thoughts attract to the person of positive events. The fact that he first "builds" in my mind, then is implemented in reality.
Affirmation is not a way to earn money and become rich. It does not exclude the fact that you have to work for it, to work not only physically, but also on themselves. Without this wealth you do not the head will not fall, wait this is just silly. But the affirmation will help you set your subconscious mind on positive thinking. Repetition of these mental images is necessary to cause specific feelings and create a certain internal state.
You can set yourself up for wealth and creating your own affirmations for money. To do this correctly formulate your thoughts – order not just the amount, and clearly articulate what exactly it is you need. Make yourself a kind of the mantra of several affirmations that you repeat several times a day, write it down on paper. Repeating the words, mentally visualize yourself what is for you the epitome of wealth, down to the last detail. Imagine not only the image of wealth, but also their feelings and emotions.