You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
Formatting tools text blocks in Adobe Photoshop, placed on a separate panel - it's called "Paragraph". If labels with the same name you don't see among the currently open panels, open the menu editor section "Window" and check the box next to "Paragraph".
By default, all input texts left-aligned, but separate button to activate the formatting option is on the panel - the first in the top row. When you hover the cursor over this icon a tooltip "Align text left". If you want to set the justification to center, click the second icon in this row and right-align third.
In the same row of buttons, there are four icons, three of which define the placement of the suspension lines are incomplete last line of the paragraph to which you applied the formatting the width (alignment on both sides of the line). They provided the same options - align left, center or right. However, by default, these buttons are inactive because the input text is not considered a paragraph, only independent rows. Inactive and right, the last icon in this row - it should include the alignment on both sides. To convert individual rows in a paragraph and to access the four tools click the text layer in the toolbar, right-click and POPs up the context menu, select "convert to text block".
Use the other four fields in the "Paragraph" to set the indentation before and after text block to the left and to the right of it, as well as the amount to indent from the left edge of block letters the first line of a paragraph. These dimensions are defined and measured in pixels.