Select the color scheme for future bathroom. A small room is better to make out in bright colors, avoiding the sharp contrasts and an abundance of colorful accents. To the interior looked bored, you can combine the shades. It is not necessary to follow the pattern, laying dark tiles of the lower part of the wall, the upper light, dividing the song border. Such a design will visually narrow the room and make the ceiling lower.
Try the other option - lay out the wall tiles in different shades. You can combine pistachio and lavender, pink and beige. On the floor buy tiles of the same tone. Give preference to materials with a glossy surface – they will reflect the light and enlarge the space.
Part of ceramic tiles replace the mirror. It can be spread smooth rectangle to coat the entire wall or only part, take the form of pinpoint "inclusions". If you like a tile pattern, choose a small inconspicuous motives and position the picture in the form of curb. Large tile "paintings", which occupies a half for a small bathroom is not suitable.
Very fresh and unhackneyed looks mosaic tile. It can coat the area around the sink or taps, to lay out the decorative island of irregular shape on the wall opposite the door. This applique enliven the interior. Choose a complex mosaic of discreet tones of shades of rust, bottle glass, ochre, old gold, chocolate and beige. This range goes well with the bright pastel walls.
Pay attention to the size. For a small bathroom large tiles will not fit. But the tile-size 20 by 30 inches and smaller will look quite harmoniously. If you have low ceilings, choose vertical tiles – they are a bit "stretched" space in height. But square or stacked horizontally tile will make the bathroom a little wider. Having laid the floor tiles on the diagonal, you also will slightly increase the room.