The most reliable way to rent an apartment without cheating to buy a house through a friend. This may be the apartment in which nobody lives, and your friends are going to take it. Or friends just moving out from a rented apartment and ready to give it to you. This is proven options, which, most likely, will avoid fraud. But just in case, check receipts for payment of utility bills for the last six months. So you don't have to extinguish the debts of previous tenants.
If you find accommodation through a friend did not work, contact a reliable real estate Agency. Look for similar in your area. The determining factors are when choosing the recommendation of friends and the duration of the operation of the market transactions with apartments.
Arriving at the office, ask to see the statutes. These specify the year of incorporation. Also check out the certificate authorizing the work on delivery and rental of housing.
Sign the contract. It must be indicated the exact dates for which you undertake to find a suitable apartment. Also vital - payment. Better if it will be written that the money you're giving the realtor only after selection of the desired option. Of course, such organizations are rare. Then make was prescribed the minimum initial Deposit and full payments under the contract only after the transaction.
After signing the agreement the realtor will ask you to explore several options of apartments. If you have found the place that will suit you, check the documents of its owner. Basic - passport, certificate of ownership, extract from the house register indicating the composition of residents. She needed to make sure that the owner of square metres no one is registered. Otherwise, this person can come and live with you legitimately. And, of course, don't forget about receipts for payment of utility services over the last six months to a year.
Sign a contract about renting an apartment. Specify the cost and terms of accommodation. The application will list all the valuables available in the house. So you will avoid problems at the end of the lease term.