You will need
  • - registered email.
All postal services for the convenience of customers provide the ability to save the username and password used to log into email. Of course, this feature is very useful if a computer uses one person. But if it have multiple users, it is best to protect your data and to disable saving the password.
To do this, go into your email from the home page of the postal service "Yandex", "", "Rambler", etc. Then in the post window where to log in e-mail identifies account information, leave a blank box next to "Save password". However, to make changes in this section you will be able at any time. To do this, just visit the "Settings" of your e-mail and go to section category Security.
"" to change the access settings by clicking on the top panel of the mailbox the "More" button, and find in the drop down box in the "Settings" item from which you want to go to the "Security" section. Once on the page, change security settings, put a ban on the save your login e-mail. Enter your current password and save the changes.
In "Yandex" also have the option of saving the password, disable that too quite easily. To do this, simply go to the access settings on the page "Yandex. Passport". Check the second paragraph – next to the line "I Never learn" and enter the current password by email. Click "Save" to make changes. After this step, to log in to e-mail you each time have to enter your information – username and password.
Similar functions of saving the password supports all email services. Please note that the browser also has a feature that stores passwords and other data. Check the ban with this option, and from time to time clean the memory of your browser. Especially, if the authorization came your data.