If the pregnancy less than 37 weeks and you feel the tone of the uterus more frequently than 4 times per hour, immediately go to the doctor or call the ambulance. Don't endanger yourself and your baby, such frequent regular contractions most likely to indicate the start of preterm labor.
After 38 weeks of such contractions in norm will occur at least once per hour. They are called the harbingers of birth, these feelings are associated with shortening and softening of the cervix, i.e. to prepare her for the birth process. Pay close attention to their feelings, if the contractions do not intensify and not frequent, so is not birth.
To distinguish between the false contractions can be on several appearances. They do not increase within one hour and the interval between them is reduced. Aggravating factors are the motor activity of the fetus, full bladder sex. Watch the tone of the uterus. If you are after the above factors appear periodic cramping or pulling pains in the abdomen, and within an hour they will not increase or even disappear altogether, it is not the harbingers of birth.
When you see these signs a little lie down, if you've been on my feet. Or Vice versa, take a walk, if it rested. Take a warm shower, drink a Cup of warm milk or soothing herbal tea. If all goes, don't worry.
But in that case, if you notice heavy discharge from the genital tract, clear or mixed with blood, you have unusual pain or heavy pressure in the pelvis, immediately seek medical advice. Also seek medical help if the contractions become more regular and you notice that the spaces between them are reduced. Most likely, began labors.