You will need
  • - rosary beads or coin;
  • soft toothpaste;
  • - mints, nuts or chewing gum;
  • - sedative fees;
  • - vitamins with magnesium.
Try to understand in what situations you start to bite his cheeks. Perhaps it happens when you get nervous or, on the contrary, miss. Sometimes biting of the mucosa is closely associated with a particular situation – a work meeting, a lecture, exams or watching an exciting movie.
After ascertaining the cause, try to control yourself in dangerous times. Constant self-control needs to become a habit. Do not relax. However, don't beat yourself up if the first attempt to solve the problem will fail. Getting rid of neurosis is a long process, and the harder you are, the faster you will achieve results.
Distract yourself from biting your cheeks. Buy a rosary or a short necklace, wear them on your wrist and fumble in moments of boredom or excitement. Try to twist in the fingers, a coin or to play on the edge of the table silent range. But don't try to supplant your bad habit the other, not less harmful. Do not fumble hair, not obkusyvanie the skin on the lips and don't try to bite your nails.
Visit to the dentist. Perhaps the cause of your neurosis lies in the problems with the oral cavity. Irregularities on the inner surface of the cheeks, exfoliation of epithelium, painful inflammation – the specialist will identify and cure minor injuries, addressing the root cause of bad habits.
Care for the oral cavity. Use mild toothpaste, indicated for periodontal disease. They do not irritate, and hence the desire to chew will decrease. In the moments when you tend to bite your cheek, throw in your mouth a few mints, or chew gum. You can drink the juice or water by means of tubes, chew seeds or nuts.
Calm the nervous system. Experts say that neurosis can occur if the body lacks magnesium. Buy vitamins with a high proportion of this trace element. Help and tincture or Valerian, peony, chamomile tea, oregano or mint.
Starting a fight with a bad habit, reward for effort and first results. For example, two days without obkusyvanie cheeks – an occasion for a pleasant surprise. Buy chocolate, lipstick or a new CD.
If the self is not help, consult a neurologist. Probably, the specialist will identify a more serious problem with the nervous system and recommend medication.