Look carefully at the face of persona, who is suspected of Smoking. Nicotine thus adversely affects the appearance, reducing the elasticity of the skin, dehydrate it, causing every cell to experience oxygen starvation. There is even a term "smoker's face".For tobacco depend people characterized by premature aging. The faces of smokers usually flabby, have an unpleasant and unhealthy earthy color, deep nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks. The very facial skin is dry and resembles parchment. At the outer corners of the eyes are formed before the first crow's feet and the lines around his eyes become painful stale view, uncharacteristic of a yellowish, bluish, brown, or even purple hue.
Look at the hands of an alleged smoker. Nails, the tips of the index and middle fingers, which he usually holds a cigarette, are yellowed, and the leather on them is thick and rough.
Pay attention to the clothes people. Sometimes on the jacket, Cape or coat, you may notice markings, hardened space – a consequence of careless handling of a cigarette or accidentally fallen on the cloth hot ashes.
Sniff. No matter how carefully a smoker nor disguised their habit with chewing gum, deodorants, breath fresheners and perfumes – these tricks are at best useless. Around the smoker is always hovering incomparable scent. The smell of his outer garment (it is impossible to wash it every day) – especially the cuffs, "fragrant" hair, and of course ground tobacco breath.