Advice 1: How to determine whether person smokes or not

Why to determine Smoking man or not? A lot of reasons. First of all, it is time to stop struggling with cigarette child. But not only that. For example, the ability to determine the smoker in the crowd could be useful to those who smokes, but in the moment appeared without a cigarette. And this ability will help to stay away from tobacco depend people. You never know at what point he wants to poison you with toxic smoke.
How to determine whether person smokes or not
Look carefully at the face of persona, who is suspected of Smoking. Nicotine thus adversely affects the appearance, reducing the elasticity of the skin, dehydrate it, causing every cell to experience oxygen starvation. There is even a term "smoker's face".For tobacco depend people characterized by premature aging. The faces of smokers usually flabby, have an unpleasant and unhealthy earthy color, deep nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks. The very facial skin is dry and resembles parchment. At the outer corners of the eyes are formed before the first crow's feet and the lines around his eyes become painful stale view, uncharacteristic of a yellowish, bluish, brown, or even purple hue.
Look at the hands of an alleged smoker. Nails, the tips of the index and middle fingers, which he usually holds a cigarette, are yellowed, and the leather on them is thick and rough.
Pay attention to the clothes people. Sometimes on the jacket, Cape or coat, you may notice markings, hardened space – a consequence of careless handling of a cigarette or accidentally fallen on the cloth hot ashes.
Sniff. No matter how carefully a smoker nor disguised their habit with chewing gum, deodorants, breath fresheners and perfumes – these tricks are at best useless. Around the smoker is always hovering incomparable scent. The smell of his outer garment (it is impossible to wash it every day) – especially the cuffs, "fragrant" hair, and of course ground tobacco breath.
Useful advice
If tested on a Smoking the individual – your child, to determine the presence of harmful habits, you can still several ways. For example, some evidence that adolescent Smoking: the loss of regular cigarettes, if there is a tobacco depend adults, and also tobacco crumbs in coat pockets.

Advice 2 : How to determine whether a person smokes

To smoke or not to smoke - the choice of each person. But what to do if you suspect the Smoking baby? Cigarette is detrimental for a growing body, so you need to make every effort in order to protect the child from nicotine. If your child responds negatively, then you must make sure that the child is not lying.
How to determine whether a person smokes
First of all, you should alert the smell of cigarettes from clothes of a teenager. Be especially careful if the smell is permanent, and all the questions the child says he was in the Smoking company. Also disturbing factors can be more frequent brushing, as well as the constant use of chewing gum.
To start, try to talk with the child. Explain that you care about him, tell us, what harm can it cause cigarette body, show pictures of lungs of a smoker. Often a Frank discussion will help you understand your child smokes or not, and then choose the correct action. Keep in mind that if the child confessed, it is not necessary to fall into the Creek, talk to him or her quietly. Remember, because you too were once that age and probably have tried Smoking.
If the child denies Smoking, but it constantly smells of cigarettes, then try to catch breath smell. If a teenager of pre-chewed chewing gum or candy, the smell may be absent. Then pay attention to your fingers - the smell of tobacco kept them much longer.
View the pockets, and backpack - if your child regularly smokes, he surely will be found cigarettes.
Please note on the company, in which revolves a teenager. If there are many smokers, it contributes to "herd reflex" who so love to follow Teens.
In any case, it is not necessary to punish a child for cigarettes. The most effective will be the same conversation.
And again. If you do smoke, and your child knows about it, then you will be much more difficult to talk about the ban on Smoking, because children take their cue primarily from their parents!

Advice 3 : How do you know that son smokes

Smoking among adolescents is one of the hallmarks of growing up, so many are trying to smoke in the 11-12 years. Some teenagers Smoking is addictive, they are no longer able to refuse it. It is important for parents to understand the signs that will say exactly what their child smokes.
How do you know that son smokes
Understand, smoke son, a simple observation. Do not try at the first suspicion to turn out the pockets of the child, scold him and blame something, to check his belongings. Of course, parents can say that they have every right to do, but you only will lose the trust of the son. Better instead, watch him for some time: patience and attention can say more than interrogations and orders. If the child suddenly began to miss from school, got himself another company, is clearly hiding something, not talking openly, sulky - there is a reason to tell my son. When the family created a trust relationship, such a conversation will be able to help, the teenager confesses, why he smokes, you make sure that the suspicions were unfounded. However, there are more certain signs of Smoking.

Signs that teenager is Smoking

The surest sign of Smoking, of course, the smell. It comes from the hands, clothing, hair, mouth. Of course, the teenager can be justified by the fact that his friends smoke and he's just standing around. But breath is not justified by anything. And in the hands of the traces of Smoking are only when the person smokes himself. To remove the smell of teenagers have resorted to trickery: too chew mint gum, RUB hands with lemon zest, puts in her coffee. If you notice this behavior of his son, he probably smokes.

The second sign is a cough, especially when it appears unclear why. A couple of times it can be written off on a cold, but still coughing from the cigarette can be recognized by ear - it sounds dry, strained. If the child was more likely to catch a cold or he headaches is also a sign that parents need to think about.

Smoking greatly affect the appearance, especially in adolescents. Their body and so is undergoing changes, very unstable, and addicted to cigarettes only aggravates the situation. The skin of a teenager becomes grayish or yellowing, cracks appear on the lips, worsening the condition and color of the teeth. You can even take your son to the doctor or the dentist - they can almost accurately determine the smoker.

Changes in behavior

Smoking teenage should always be in stress to hide their harmful hobby. So he might act more reserved and nervous. Especially nervous, he has when there is no possibility to get out of the house for a long time and therefore smoke it too can not. This kid could rush around the house, to walk aimlessly from room to room, to snap, to argue with others, although no reasons for this, it would seem, no.

Take a look and to what your child spends money. If there are any unreasonable expenditure - it is a sign to think about. Buying cigarettes doesn't happen every day, but still needs to take place with sufficient frequency. So you can keep track of when the son needed money, interested in what he spends. Besides, if there is a Smoking parent, you can look at not lost his cigarettes. When a teenager smokes usually easy to find traces of tobacco in his pockets or at the bottom of the backpack.

If you found that your son smokes, do not immediately apply serious measures to scold and punish him. The first step is to talk, to tell about the dangers of Smoking, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. You need to ask about the reasons which forced him to resort to Smoking, maybe that's how he solves some of his problems and penalties you will only aggravate his situation. In addition, positive motivation helps to better orders. Promise the child something for his quitting. Let's say you were going to give him a new bike. Agree that they will do so only after the rejection of cigarettes.
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