A third party with whom the bankrupt enterprise associated civil contractual relationship or similar non-contractual ties belong to the bankruptcy creditors. This category of companies having monetary claims, can be included in the register of creditors only on the basis of determination of the arbitral Tribunal. In the case where a citizen was associated with the bankrupt labor relations – he worked for this company or have performed work under the contract, the arbitration managing Director has the right to include it in the register of creditors on the basis of submitted application.
Bankruptcy lender, you must perform a set of actions to his financial or monetary claims against the bankrupt were satisfied after the final valuation of the assets and other property owned by the debtor. You should prepare a statement for inclusion in the registry of creditors and submit it with the application proving your claim in arbitration court.
In the statement, specify the size requirements, composition, including penalties and interest, the period of emergence of claims. Please note: the period of their occurrence is due to expire before the court decided on bankruptcy of your debtor. If the claim arose after that date in the register of creditors of your organization will not submit. Describe the requirements clearly and specifically, you need to provide details of all necessary documents and must attach certified copies thereof to the application.
The deadline for filing of claims of creditors is limited. In the framework of the monitoring procedures and simplified bankruptcy this period is one month. In bankruptcy proceedings, the application period is increased to two months, but the appointment of the external control of the period of limitation of claims are and you can apply at any time. In the case of missing the deadline of application on inclusion in the register of requirements of creditors, your claim will be satisfied after the payment of debts to companies, entered in the register earlier. Terms are preclusive.
The creditor, as a rule, included in the third phase of reimbursement of debt. Precedence of requirements on current payments, the claims of citizens to whom the bankrupt enterprise bears monetary obligations for causing harm and those who have claims on wages. As practice shows, fully to get the full amount owed to creditors is not possible.