You will need
  • document (passport or driving licence);
  • - proof of income from last job (preferably);
  • - data of the guarantors.
When a family has a child, there is a lot of hassle and not very pleasant. In order to provide their offspring, in the beginning you need a powerful financial impact. But what to do if they are not enough? It remains only to go to the Bank and take his name on the loan for a certain amount you have to pay, even with interest.
The loan getting procedure is the same for everyone. You need to provide a lender with your document (this can be a passport or driver's license); certificate of employment confirming your income over the last few months (it need not in all banks, but with her, you can achieve lower interest rates) and details of guarantors.
Specific differences between normal borrowers and borrowers who are on maternity leave, the procedure of obtaining a loan is not. But the latter will be more limited. The person sitting in the decree, the Bank raises certain doubts about its solvency. To risk, much less money, few people like.
To obtain a loan must show the lender evidence that you will be able to pay the debt on time. For this you will need the help of your social security. Without it, you better not even try to get a loan. In addition, banks are tightening requirements in still another way: the work experience at your last place of employment should exceed twelve months (regular borrowers only three months).
In recent years become increasingly popular credit "for urgent needs". These needs could be hiding anything. One of the key advantages of such loan is that banks in this case where loyal to its customers, on maternity leave, and in some cases even provide loans on a common basis.