You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
Download image editor image that requires a transparent background, any familiar way for you. Can expand the context menu by clicking on the file icon and choose Photoshop from the list of programs. If the editor is already open, press Ctrl+O or use the Open File menu. Double-click on the image layer and click on the OK button of the dialog box. Now you have the opportunity to edit the picture.
Separate the pattern from the old background. The choice of method by which you do, depends on the nature of image: a solid object is easy to select the tool Magic Wand or the Color Range option, the object with a clear outline without fine details well fortified with the Polygonal Lasso tool. For multicolor images with more complex shapes you can draw the mask manually, or you can remove the background filter Extract.
To highlight a background or object with the Magic Wand tool, enter the amount of the Tolerance parameter in the settings panel under the main menu. To correctly handle plain fragment is enough value to ten units. Increasing the value of this parameter, you will get the opportunity to allocate more colors.
In a similar way, working option Color Range menu Select. Open its settings and click on color on the basis of which are going to create a selection. If the object or background was not fully highlighted, push the right controller values Fuzziness.
If the item that must be on a transparent background has a complex shape, duplicate the layer with the picture with Ctrl+J and open the Extract filter option from the Filter menu. Draw the contours of the object with the Edge Highlighter tool. The inner area of the picture fill with the Fill tool. Applying the OK button the result of the filter on the image, load the selection from the treated layer by clicking on its icon while holding the Ctrl key.
Based on the generated one way or another create a selection mask by clicking on the Add layer mask button located in the lower pane of the palette layers. Working with the selection made using the Extract filter, go back to the layer with the original version of the picture.
If you created a mask hid the subject and not the background, apply the Invert option group Image Adjustments menu. Incorrectly created by the mask can be modified with the Brush tool. Paint black areas of the picturethat should be hidden. Fragments that must remain visible, but appeared to be translucent, paint mascara on the mask with white.
Using the option Save As from the File menu, save image with a transparent background in the png file.